Peer Power

An important part of learning at UOW is the process of evaluating and encouraging our peers. Over the course of a few years, I’ve had the privilege of receiving feedback from peers and friends about my projects as I release them. This week, I had the opportunity to provide some of my thoughts to some of my classmates about the projects that we are starting this semester. Here is a quick video breaking down my comments. (Feel free to watch on speed)

From these comments, I have been reminded particularly of the support that written blogs have alongside videos. With great examples such as these, it’s easy to see how they support a project in clarity and communication styles. 

I am also really thankful that I am asked to have these reflective moments; as seeing my peers thoughts and projects expands not only my knowledge of the subject and communication skills, but also shows me projects that I might not otherwise be exposed to ordinarily. Be it Netball, Fast Fashion, or 5 year plans, each of these projects have shown me more of what my peers are interested in.

Emma’s 5 year plan particularly has got me reflecting about my own 5 year plan and progress therein. Shay’s timeline graphic has made me rethink how I communicate my own data. Samantha has made me consider how I recycle my clothes and how subject I am to micro-trends.

I appreciate others comments on my projects and hope that others appreciate my thoughts on theirs. I understand that they know their niche and project best, and wouldn’t want to suggest otherwise, yet I appreciate being able to give an outsiders perspective on their presentation to someone who isn’t an expert.

To see my project or make your own feedback comment, check it out on my blog.

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