Boswell is a young Christian student who prides himself on his entertaining passions and wide interests.



Boswell has a passion and natural talent for performing in a wide variety of mediums. Boswell spent 7 years taking professional theatre classes. He has also appeared in numerous local plays in a range of roles in partnership with these classes.

More recently Boswell has a passion for behind the scenes work of theatre. Specifically, working with Light and Sound.


Boswell also has a passion for Magic. In his 10th year of self-taught shenanigans, Boswell has grown his repertoire and skills to a point of professionalism well above the competition. Boswell’s specialties lie in close up magic and street performance. He has performed close up magic, stage magic, street magic, mentalism, and hypnotism locally and across the globe.

His services are available for all events.


In 2019 Boswell worked as an intern at a puppeting company called Quiz Worx. In 2018 Boswell worked as a casual performer. His impressive aptitude quickly caught the eye of Quiz Worx and he was offered an internship for 2019.

Boswell has continued using these skills for uni projects and his ongoing work with children.


Boswell spent 8 years competing in international robotics competitions around the world. From the age of 11 Boswell taught beginner, intermediate, advanced, and master robotics classes to university and school students nationally and internationally.

Check out an interview from his second year competing.

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