Skills in Sound…

There is nothing more impressive than showing a new skill that you taught yourself. I’m a huge fan of learning new exciting skills and have spent 22 years learning a wide range of skills. It seems this has become even more popular through the last year as people pick up new hobbies to engage in during the 2020 lockdown.

I’m proud of a lot of skills I have developed over the years. In the past year as I contemplate my career direction, I’ve begun making a name for myself as a tech guru. I can’t claim this is a new thing as I’ve grown up with computers and robots, but over the last year I have actively made an an effort to connect with a niche within the tech world.

8 Years ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of sound. Not in the typical sense of everyday noise, but the intricate and precise nature of working with live music.

There is nothing quite like standing behind a mixing desk with sound swirling around you as you balance the bass and treble. Pulling on the tones like a puppeteer pulls on strings, plucking the emotion right out of the air. Your very motions controlling the mood and emotion of everyone listening.

I can’t pretend that I managed this first go. However, after 7 years of consistent work and practice I understood sound and could move it where I wanted. I found work in lockdown managing livestreams and expanding from Sound to Film and even Lighting.

To this day I am still working as a Live Audio Engineer. This year I have helped plan, quote, and install a new Audio and Visual system in an Auditorium. I’ve worked with Thomas Creative and professionals such as Al McEwan and Dave Thomas.

Skills are incredible things. I love practicing and honing the talents and skills I’ve worked on. I plan to use this and many others for many more years to come…

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