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The Future of Austi

Current Tech

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The Future is Now. My project is the recognition of the future in my workplace. On this page I’ll show you the future planned and practiced by me.

“Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future.”

Charles Kettering

I know as well as any that our imaginations provide a door to the future. As I imagine The Future of Austi, I’m striving to experience as many other church systems as I can. You can read about some of my plans, research, and experience through my blogs.

If you’re not sure how to navigate this collection, you can follow my blueprint.

Contextual Update Report:

Project Report

If you haven’t been following the progress of my project so far, here is a quick summary about how it’s going. Concept & Background I work for a Church in Austinmer (Austi Church) as a student minister. Part of my responsibilities over the past year and a half have been to facilitate the upgrade of … Continue reading Project Report

Light and Visuals:

Projecting to the Future

Our auditorium has had a very needed Sound and Visuals upgrade. However, that’s not the end, the future of our auditorium is bright. In stage 2, we’re looking at final touches to our Auditorium. While we’re not trying to turn our service into a disco, our current lighting for the room is limited to overheads. … Continue reading Projecting to the Future

Future Systems:

New Systems, New Processes

New systems require new processes. Communication in large groups is incredibly difficult without systems that are designed to streamline communication. This becomes even more difficult in a machine run by volunteers that are rostered on a fortnightly or monthly basis. To streamline this, we’re working to simplify communicating with the tech team. To do this, … Continue reading New Systems, New Processes

Tomorrow Today:

The Future is Now

“Increasingly, people are coming to realise that they must take responsibility for the future, both for their own individual futures and collectively” – Wendell Bell (1997) The Future is Now. Here is a collection of how I have been bringing the Future to Austi Church. As I mentioned in my blog: The Future of Audio … Continue reading The Future is Now

Inspiration from experience:

Easter Update:

Operator’s notes:

Operating Overview’s

Currently, operating on the tech team includes using either a sound desk or operating our visuals computer. Over the past 8 months, I’ve been training volunteers at our various services to operate in these roles. My training strategy has been a process of: watch, try, do. Our volunteers would join myself or another trained person, … Continue reading Operating Overview’s

Where this project is going:

Easter was a great opportunity to jump into the practical; live-streaming our service for the first time since our initial Tech-Upgrade. With a few bumps along the way, you can see how well our system held up!

You can check out these livestreams yourself:

Enjoy our Good Friday On The Coal Coast service
Enjoy our Easter Sunday service

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