The Zone Project

In August 2021 I set out to grow a digital community centred around the popular game Minecraft. This community was centralised with a Discord server, celebrated on instagram, circulated with Twitch Streams, and created around a Minecraft Server.

You can find more about this project in my BCM 241 and BCM 302 categories.

Our Twitch streams have been a lot of fun these past 13 weeks. They have been a really fun gathering place for our members to look forward to each week.

In our streams we have a weekly build challenge, rewards for players that jump on during the stream, hang outs in a discord group call, games and activities to play together, and some chilled vibes with lofi-beats.

Twitch has been a super successful door for The Zone to grow through. Both in numbers and growing in community.

Our instagram is a place where members can be celebrated and can show off their skills, public announcements about our server can be published, and friends can be invited to.

It acts as a door to our Discord community.

The Zone Instagram

The Zone Discord Community
The Zone Discord Community

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