The Future of Audio at Austinmer

If you haven’t seen my video update, check that out here!

My project this semester is to bring a collection of ideas and systems for our technology upgrade to a digital platform, as a resource for Austi Church for the coming 2-5 years. I am aiming to create clear direction and provide a strong tool for the church to use.

Content for this project will appear here on my blog under “Digital Artefacts” in a variety of formats. My aim is to incorporate:

  • Blogs
  • Files
  • Videos
  • Spreadsheets

The trickiest part of this project may be testing it. As it revolves around planning for the future, the best test I can do is to see examples of systems that have worked in the past. Including documents and processes.

For distribution of this Digital Artefact, I am still considering options. One option is to personally distribute it to key stakeholders; such as staff, wardens, and the tech team. Another option is to digitally share it across the many church tech communities I am a part of; including facebook groups, reddit communities, and discord groups. I plan to discuss these options with my boss at a convenient time. 

I am looking forward to this project, as it combines a few of my interest and current activities. I know I won’t be at Austinmer Church to see this upgrade to the end, yet am the key person involved and experienced. Setting this resource up allows Austinmer Church to follow instructions and a strategic plan. Something I hope to touch on as a topic within my Uni class.

Don’t forget to check back in and see our progress!

6 thoughts on “The Future of Audio at Austinmer

  1. Hi Boswell, I think this is a great idea and love how you have come up with an idea that is directly related to something you are already doing. From what it sounds like you a planning on making an effect change management plan. I found this article that outlines what exactly that it. It helps identify what you need to do to create a plan. As you mentioned above your DA will take a lot of consultation with those involved so if you make a clear plan now, and something they can look at to help see your vision then you might have even better luck getting those who are apart of the community involved in your DA. Secondly when you are making and writing your plan don’t forget to use common language that everyone within your community will understand because not everyone has the same experience as you, so you want to be able to portray your ideas in ways everyone will be able to understand 🙂


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