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Peer Project Support

In the interest of academia and support of my peers, I took part in reading over, commenting on, and giving feedback about some BETA presentations from my peers. 

My aim for these comments and reflections were to give some honest feedback from an outside of the way their BETA was presented. For each of these I was coming in without any prior reading of their projects. With each I followed linked sources, watched their videos twice, and made sure to be clear and specific in my reflection.

Each of the three blogs I looked at were focused around audiences I was not in.

  • Zach’s project as I understand it is the creation and maintenance of an instagram fan account for the NFL team “Chargers”.
  • Jess’s project as I understand it is the research and presentation of skin care routines on TikTok.
  • Tori’s project as I understand it is a podcast with a blend of SIMs with lifestyle and fitness content.

In each of my comments I made a point of not showering the author in praise or critique. In this, I strived to encourage and provide constructive criticism. I followed a similar structure to what I usually use in reflecting on other peoples work.

  • Note something interesting.
  • What has been done well and/or communicated clearly?
  • What did I struggle to understand?
  • My suggestion.
  • Questions to help the Author consider how to move forward.
  • Final thoughts and encouragement.

I’ve found this structure helpful when receiving constructive criticism. I think I was clear and specific in my suggestions. 

What do you think? Was I clear? Did I give realistic points for them to work on? Was I encouraging?

Try using my system on me! I would love to hear your thoughts…

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