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Part of being a community and learning is to help peers with their work. Here is a collection of some recent uni community discussions on projects I’ve chatted to peers about before…


Hayden has initiated his project as an instagram page discussing game art around a few of his favourite games. Since initiating his project he has taken on feedback from both peers and audience members, iterating it from his original conception into the current product.

To continue the discussion and provide some prompts I asked a number of questions in my comment on his post. Here are my questions for him:

  • Are you connecting with any influencers within the industry in your DA??
    • Do you follow any/do any follow you??
  • Have you received any feedback/questions about your captions in your comments??
  • Have you considered telling your audience your new directions and keyframes directly and asking for opinions?
  • Have you considered posting about pregame content?
    • Discussing why developers DIDN’T go with a particular image?
  • Have you considered researching or posting the participant made concept art?

These are just a sample from my comment on his Beta. I suggested the reddit community for concept art ( as a research point that may allow for a different avenue. I wasn’t sure if he was directly avoiding this direction, so I offered it as a content prompt.


Seth has initiated his project as a blog series discussing the Super Smash Bros series. His iteration has mainly been through a FIST mindset. He has created his blog in after realising that some other options like recording game play would be too difficult. He also realised he missed an opportunity to keep a field journal, which he is going to begin now.

I struggled to understand his concept, so to clarify and continue the discussion I asked a number of questions in my comment on his post. Here is a small sample of my comment:

I am still unsure however, about what you’re actually analysing? Are you taking a look at the games historically? Mechanically? Culturally? Competitions? In game Techniques? It just seems a bit unclear. If you’re doing an overall view, how will you make sure you don’t miss a section? Maybe narrowing might help you both with content and focus, as well as bring in more readers. Niches are always more popular.

Is r/smash your only reddit engagement? Have you considered searching for more pages? Tweeting? Contacting Instagram pages? Just some ideas for more research and feedback loops.

I suggested expanding his research and discussion pool as it is currently quite limited. Sharing his content broader will also help him gain more traction.


Kurt has initiated a project with me analysing the Assassin Creed games historical accuracies. Since initiating we have taken on feedback from a number of sources. Kurt particularity has taken on some personal feedback in his presentation style.

I offered some suggestions as to video style for both his Beta and future project videos. I suggested a different style to what he mentioned in his blog and provided examples. In particular suggesting presentation styles and tips to help him engage with audience members easier. I recommended the youtube channel Dungeon Dudes for research of presentation styles.

Suggesting research for content was difficult as we have already shared so much between each other. This is why I gave presentation examples and tips instead.

All in all, these guys have created great projects with great feedback loops. Each initiating conversation with their audience in different ways. Each iterating according to feedback, allowing for better projects all round.

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