Contextual Report – 215 Digital Artefact

Ideation + Concept

The concept for this Digital Artefact comes from a place of fascination for both history and games. As a homeschooler I had the opportunity to create unique fun learning experiences. From watching documentaries and tv shows to playing digital and physically active games, I had a unique opportunity to be creative with my learning.

The concept for this Project was to engage with the Assassin Creed franchise as a potential historical teaching utility for homeschoolers.

One particular source of inspiration for me was tv show Good Game Spawn Point.

Background Research

Research for this started by scouring Youtube for easily accessible historical reviews of the Assassin Creed franchise. Although some existed, they all targeted the games for their historical flaws rather than encouraging them as tools. They also were not targeted to homeschoolers and thus missed an opportunity.

Following this, each game we analysed had their own relevant research to the games era. This included historical documentation, gameplay, and sources from the game developers.


Our methodology for this project remained similar in the research and execution aspects to our initial pitch:

  • Play 1 game
  • Research historical details and compare
  • Meet and video discussion
  • Post on youtube and share across platforms (twitter, reddit) with homeschoolers
  • Respond to feedback
  • Repeat

Our recording process changed with each video we filmed in response to feedback from viewers.

Our analytical approach looked at 3 topics:

  • Historical locations, events, and people [Historical Realism]
  • Immersion experience
  • Cultural accuracies

Kurt exploring the majority of the historical research as a History major while I focused mostly on production.


The target utility for these videos is as a recommendation tool for homeschoolers in using the Assassin Creed games as a teaching tool.

We know these games were designed as immersive gaming. However, the research and detail put into these games provides a unique opportunity for players to immerse themselves in history and learn from the game as they do so. The later games educational aspects increase as Ubisoft not only put more research into the games, but also create opportunities to show the cultures of the respective time periods.

Our projects utility is to provide advice on using these games as an educational tool. Encouraging homeschoolers to exploit the unusual yet highly detailed and engaging resource. 


The feedback we have received from peers along with the homeschooling community has been highly encouraging. [Click to enlarge]

A number of homeschoolers commented their experience and appreciation.

We also had a few technical suggestions.

We’ve taken on these suggestions in following videos. Including using better mics, followed research suggestions, and shared our DA across more platforms.


At this point our DA has been limited due to time taken to research along with edit each video. These two factors have taken much longer than expected and have turned our FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) project into a SICL (Slow, Inexpensive, Complex, Large) one. At this point we have posted 3 videos and are still editing others.

The interest and engagement in the project however has grown. This is mostly related to the multiple subreddits that have connected homeschooling communities and history nerds with our project.

Success and Limitations

The major limitation we have found is the speed at which we can make and edit our videos. This has significantly delayed our progress and limited the number of videos we had hoped to create in the timeframe we set out.

We also ran into a few logistical setbacks due to schedules, research, and production tools.

The main success of this project has been the community involvement from the homeschooling community. As such we are striving to finish our project for the sake of the communities benefit.

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