Playing History: Beta

If you’ve been tracking our progress, you will be familiar with the following videos…

Possibly the most difficult aspect of this project has been the video qualities themselves. Our research and discussion have created quite a fun adventure. The feedback from different pools have been incredibly useful and encouraging.

To feed our feedback loop and share our project abroad we started by tweeting our videos and posting them in multiple relevant sub-reddit pages such as; r/homeschool, r/history, r/Assassinscreed, and more along similar lines.

We particularly got suggestions from the history seb-reddits. We also recieved personal opinions and experiences particularly from the Assassin Creed and homeschooler pages.

These were immensely helpful. Kurt and I took all their feedback into consideration for our following and future videos. Especially some homeschoolers suggestions and reflections on their experience. We wanted to do this because homeschoolers use all sorts of tools to learn. From experience, I can say that the Assassin Creed series has contributed to my homeschooling history curriculum. Hence our particular consideration.

Here is our Origins review. We started with this one because we both were curious about historical accuracies and received recommendations from reddit users about this particular game. 

Kurt elaborates further in his blog about some feedback and directions we are hoping to take from here.

Kurt and I trying something new where we are videoing our next two videos together, merging them into a double review. This is partly for the sake of time, but also because these two games are a continuation of the same story and therefore are very similar. We will see how successful this video is and iterate according to feedback given.

For now, we are busy playing history! Watch this space for more videos. And by all means, comment your thoughts on your favourite game!

6 thoughts on “Playing History: Beta

  1. In their pitch, Boswell and Kurt set out to explore the historical accuracy of the revered Assassin’s Creed games. Boswell and Kurt have since posted a video to their YouTube channel “Playing History” in which they critically analyse the 2017 game, “Assassin’s Creed Origins”. Upon first viewing the video, I was thoroughly impressed with the production and editing involved. The video runs for about 11 minutes and is very engaging and interesting, from start to finish. In terms of lecture material, I mentioned feminism as a possible framework that certain characters in AC Origins could be looked at through. I also mentioned how Boswell and Kurt discuss virtuality well in their video.
    I struggled to find any further research for Boswell and Kurt to relate to, they seemed so on top of it already!
    In my comment, I pointed out the audio being a little off. At times it was hard to hear the two talk while the background music was playing. There was also a slight buzzing in the background but these things aside I think the editing in the video was pretty immaculate. I thought this feedback was pretty useful as it will help the two to ensure the sound is improved for the next video, which I look forward to viewing.
    I learnt a lot about the Assassin’s Creed Origins game but also about the history of Ancient Egypt as a whole which is great as this is exactly what Boswell and Kurt set out to do.
    This comment was more of a congratulations than a criticism, I think Boswell and Kurt’s idea is very interesting and that’s why I struggled to find further research as opposed to the first round of comments.


  2. Hey Boswell! Good job getting started – I see what you mean about having a lot of games to cover. Maybe certain games could be grouped together to make it easier? Potentially AC3 and AC4:BF and AC:Rogue since they’re all set relatively close in terms of time periods and focus around the Kenway family? Then AC2, AC: Brotherhood and AC: Revelations could be combined into the Ezio Trilogy? That way you can cut down six games into two videos, and save yourself a lot of time. After watching your AC: Origins video, my only suggestions are try to reduce the white noise and make the sound effects quieter so that your audience can here you better! I don’t know if you have a script or notes you use when making your videos but preparing a few points beforehand could also make it easier to reduce the amount of cutting you need and make the video flow better! Great job so far, can’t wait to see what happens!


  3. G’day Boswell, I really quite enjoyed how well you put together this beta, the transitions were extremely smooth, and you conveyed the information extremely well. I also would like to note how happy I am that the concept for your project has stayed fairly the same from when you pitched it in class all those months ago. As a long time on and off fan of the AC games I’ve always loved the way in which they take a historical time and place something new (the player) in there as a new figure. I also understand after the last two games a large string of controversy in the last two games, especially from the last game in odyssey. I suggest getting int early with your partner with the new game Valhalla coming out next month and even make some discussion video in relation to the lore.


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