Community Discussion

Part of being a community and learning is to help peers with their work. Here is a collection of some recent uni community discussions…


Hayden is starting a research project on the use of concept art within games. A fascinating project zeroing in on the fine details that pass over many of our heads.

In his pitch, he discusses the 5 games of his choice, along with his process, and research he aims to use.

As I have no experience with any of the games Hayden is targeting, I became curious with his concept as a whole. I was curious to know if he hoped to expand to fan art as well as in-game concept art. I know from my own adventures and gaming experiences that the world of fan art is ginormous and would be an interesting rabbit whole to jump into if he was game.

I also was interested in how concept art impacted a players perspective of the game in a first play or even preconceptions.

I suggested the reddit community for concept art ( as a research point.


Seth is starting a project around the Super Smash Bros competitions. He is particularly exploring Evo competitions and their changes over time.

In his pitch, he discusses the 4 games he will be playing for first hand research, along with his process, and other research sources he aims to use.

Although I have played Super Smash Bros, I have never owned the games, let alone competed, and as such was surprised by the competitions available.

I was very curious about how a franchise this big has impacted the Console War. With particular interest in the games impact on Nintendo as it is one of the most successful Nintendo games. I posed to Seth a number of prompt questions as example research directions.

I also suggested to him Blake Harris’s “Console Wars – Sega vs Nintendo and the battle that defined a generation”. A 60pg read about the Console Wars that I hoped may be helpful. Harris Briefly touches on Super Smash Bros, hence why I suggested it.


Lauren is starting a research project on Nintendo Dogs, proving gaming has a diverse range of benefits.

In her pitch, she discusses how Nintendo Dogs was a game that she enjoyed and has inspired her to start this project. She also discusses her process and the direction she hopes to take her research.

I loved that this project is close to Lauren’s heart. Her motivation for this project is clear and compelling. In my comment I made the link between her hypothosis and Bandura’s Media Effects Theory. I reminded her of the Bobo Doll Experiment and his research as a research opportunity to use in proving her theory.

I suggested that if her research suggests the truth of the Media Effects Theory, then she might explore which game best implements a positive benefit to people. This was because her drive was very clearly to prove the positive benefits of Nintendo Dogs.

All in all I liked all of the pitch’s. They were extremely diverse and I was able to suggest an outsiders perspective on each of them. I gave each of them a research direction that would push their project not only further, but to become greater through it.

I look forward to seeing the products created by these peers.

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