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Dating With Distance: a journey

The project Dating With Distance has been in the works for a few months. The aim was to create a unique tool to help develop and encourage distance couples in their pursuit of romance. 

We started this project taking inspiration from my own distance relationship. This provided plenty of inspiration and insight into the difficulties and needs of distance. Forty percent of all long-distance relationships end in breakups, and on average those relationships last just four and a half months (Petersen, 2019). We wanted to create an app where couples can truly connect and have special moments that lead to lasting relationships; a defiance of the current statistical norms.

According to Relationships Australia (2017) 4.5 million Australians are dating online. A trend which has only increased as the digital age generation has swept through the nation. Distance relationships are also picking up, with more people taking advantage of using technology to keep fires stoked regardless of location.

We wanted to make things easier for these consumers through our app Dating With Distance.

We set out to create a unique experience for couples. This starts with using the app to initiate a date night. From here users are given the opportunity to choose what kind of date their interested in. From a selection of date options, users can choose if they would like a Movie date, dinner date, couple questions date, games date, and more. The app can suggest a restaurant near each partner, a movie based on previous dates, or some activities. Food is also ordered through the app, manually or via the voice command, which in turn organises both parties to have food delivered to them. 

These features have turned out remarkably well.

Despite the short development time Dating With Distance has grown to become a product, we developers, are quite happy with.

 We believe it has reached every goal we set for it along with all of our intended aims. The app neatly offers a utility to help organise and facilitate long distance dates. Its interface is simple and easy to use and understand. It bridges the gap between users. And most importantly it brings dating to the digital age in a way that has not been considered.

It was suggested that our app may wish to partner with existing dating apps to provide the typical experience of “finding a date” from a distance perspective. We believe that this would pollute our aims and dilute our advantage on the currently absent market. 

It was clear from the beginning that converging existing options through our app would be the best option for market monopolising. This came from wanting to partner with popular and common utilities that would improve the date experience. 

Overall, this project has been a huge success. It has provided a platform and utility to vastly improve relationships and therefore increase the quality of life of users.


Petersen, R. (2019). ‘5 Well-Researched Long-Distance Relationship Statistics (2020 Update).’ Dating at a Distance. 14 May 2020. <> 2017. November 2017: Online Dating — Relationships Australia. Accessed 17 May 2020. <>

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